2 pix 1 public ip

By cteyul ·
hi, our company was recently aquired by a large company. and for us to be able to integrate to the companies mpls, we have been asked to change our ip adresses. so we have set up a backup router and pix with the new network to do some testing before we migrate everything. but on the pix part we have the same settings on both of them but different networks and they both are nat outside to the same public ip the network on the main pix we are able to get to the internet but the new network we can not. any sugestions as to why? if we nat the traffic to two different public ip this works.

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If the old PIX gets traffic before the new PIX,

by seanferd In reply to 2 pix 1 public ip

then it is probably handling all of it.

In the old PIX, I would imagine there has to be a new rule set to pass the traffic to the new one. PIX is all about denying everything that you do not specifically allow.

Sorry, I cannot be more specific. Perhaps someone else can be.

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More information

by Fregeus In reply to 2 pix 1 public ip

We would need more information configuration wise to be able to answer you. I have a had time imagining your setup with the info you provided.

Please help us help you.


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