2 printer share issues

By brianwatson81 ·
I got two situations that are getting the best of me.

The printer is shared on a XP machine and the connecting machines are Vista home and Win2000. Everything was setup and working perfectly fine during the Holiday when we added the Vista machine there. The Printer shared on XP has the appropriate permissions set on the share. The two connecting machines are setup as users on the hosting machine. I got a call earlier this week saying they were not working. I reset the PW's on the host machine accordingly and the 2000 machine started printing right away. but i had to reinstall the printer on Vista to get it to work. The user on vista is a standard user.

Got a call tonight that the Vista machine is not working again. But the 2000 is still printing fine. Why would the Vista machine stop printing twice in one week?

The other is as follows:
An old school HP Laser Jet 5 installed on one, the local user is a admin. It is set to share with the permision for "everyone" to print only and the local admin to have FC. I made the user account for the connecting machine on the host machine and set the pw that is currently used. On the remote computer I did the add printer wizard and told it to find the network printer, got it mapped and installed the drivers. It asked me for credientals to connect to the host machine and I entered the one that I set on the machine which is the same as the remote commputer uses locally.

Checking the event viewer on the host machine it had an error like.
"The document owned by "remote pc" failed to print. The file was submitted on xxxx. File name xxxx. File Size xxxx. Pages xxxx.

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