2 questions about w8 upgrade discs

By itworkhorse ·
1. If I install it on my HP62 Win7 laptop, can it update the information on the 2nd partition for restoring the system?

2 If I install it on my desktop, can / will it install onto all the 4 partisions I have, so that I can re-boot from any of the 4 as I can with the existing WinXP?

I don't wish to upset the settings on either of the computers, but I would like to benifit from quicker booting times, plus It is time to format them and upgrade if its possible!

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by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to 2 questions about w8 upgr ...

Question 1 No it will not alter the Recovery partition it will stay what it currently is.

Question 2 As there is no upgrade Path between XP and 8 you have to do a new install of the OS and all Software. As for installing itself on all 4 Partitions allowing you to Multi Boot while this should be possible provided you install it 4 times once to each partition you'll need to ring M$ Activation Center and Manually Activate as it will exceed the Auto Activation Limit.

if you are asking will it install itself to all 4 Partitions in the one instance the answer is No it will not.


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by itworkhorse In reply to Easy Answers

Thanks but I know I have to install it on all 4, but will the software be recognised at startup to enable me to choose which one I require? At the moment I get a choice of 4 and arrow down to the one I need!
Cheers for replying

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by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Easy Answers

Yes it will show you all 4 instances of the existing install and you can chose which one you want to use the same way as you chose which one to boot to.


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