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I have a form that my company has made up and is almost totally useless. I have recreated most of it to look like there form so they can not tell mine from there?s
what I don?t know how to do are 2 things, first question in a numeric cell that looks like this $ - it stays that way until a value is put in elsewhere then it looks like this $ 100.00 the dollar sign stays on the left side of the cell no matter what number in. How do you format a cell to do that?
Second question (its dumb I should know how to do it but cant figure it out) certain cells are locked so I cannot see the formula or edit them in any way, how do you lock just certain cells, some of the cells I need because I have to enter data in them but others I don?t want anyone messing with.
Thanks in advance

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Here goes

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Format your cell for "custom", not currency. There may be a sample custom format that looks like the one below; that's the one you want. If you don't see this, just select any available custom format and paste this text over it:
_($* #,##0.00_);_($* (#,##0.00);_($* "-"??_);_(@_)
(If you right-click on the cell you get a quick options window; select "format cells", and then go to the "number" tab.)

To protect only a few cells,
1. select the whole worksheet
2. right click, select "format cells", select "protection", and clear the check mark in the "Locked" box.
3. select the few cells you want to lock
4. right click, and put a check in the "Locked" box. Now, only this small set of cells will have locked status.
5. Go to tools>protection>protect sheet. Click OK. (You can enter a password if you want; I usually leave it unpassworded.)
When "protect" is on, is protects only the cells that have "locked" status.

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