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2 router home network

By charles ·
I have 2 dsl routers and lines at home as I work from home. One is a much higher speed line for my work needs and one the rest of the family general needs. The bandwidth on the fast line is quite a bit more expensive that the general home use one so I am not keen to open up the fast line to the family for general use. Also a wired LAN throughout the house

I would like to run this as one network - so we can share the server and backup device and printers and of course photos and music etc, but want to make sure the family use the standard DSL line and data ONLY for internet access.

Can this be done on one subnet by separating the IP ranges that they use and forcing the LAN gateway to the standard DSL router office and the rest of the family .

Am thinking that I can config one router to say and set it to range to and the other to say and set it to range to and all on the subnet
DHCP on PCs easier but can do fixed. Probably best for network printers to be fixed IPs.

Any comments on if this workable most welcome and if it will achieve my objectives of providing 2 speed internet access from one home network LAN setup.

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