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2 Routers (1 VoIP and 1 Routers)

By dawgster ·
I added a VoIP (D-Link DVG-1120M) to my Network that uses a (D-Link Di-624)all the PC's are IP assigned and 1 is my FTP server that was lost when I added in the VoIP box. The Techs from the VoIP service had me setup the port forwarding for the server which of course didn't work and I'm looking for a little help in figuring this out, Thanks in advance.

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by darts32 In reply to 2 Routers (1 VoIP and 1 R ...

While it is possible to have 2 routers on this network it is very difficult to setup and manage. Your best bet is to setup the VoIP (D-Link DVG-1120M) as a bridge instead of a router. This way your (D-Link Di-624)will handle the routing for your network.

I unfortunately am unable to help you convert it into a bridge. I tried looking on their site but it offered no help. I would try to contact them.

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by dawgster In reply to

Thanks for your effort darts32, but been there tried that, even been on phone to the VoIP (un)Techs and they just follow the script. Seems I need more help then that, but thanks once again.

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by eugenio.ulanday In reply to 2 Routers (1 VoIP and 1 R ...

Disable the Routing capability of the VoIP (D-Link DVG-1120M)

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by dawgster In reply to

Well that wouldn't help much for my Network now would it, Problem Solved , VoIP Now able to be placed behind the Router , Thanks All

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by dawgster In reply to 2 Routers (1 VoIP and 1 R ...

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