2 routers on the same server

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Hello there,

I ve set up a domain for my company running win 2000 and unfortunately I am forced to use 2 different gateways (server has 3 network cards).

so far we had only 1 router providing internet connection sharing and access to a consortium's intranet, which enables us to use a vital application to do our day to day operations. (no external ip address provided).

The problem began when the consortium refused any smtp trafic advising that we need to buy another router to handle that.

So we ve bought another router & arranged a broadband connection, which would also give us a static external IP + would forward smtp traffic to the exchange server. I had configured the 2nd router using different ip ranges & subnet mask.

Unfortunately, when I try to hook up both routers on the server I get an error mesage saying that there are 2 gateways and thus this configuration may not work properly(indeed).

Is it possible to have 2 gateways at the same time on the server? Ideally, we would like to use the 1st router as we have been using it so far and keep the second one just to handle SMTP traffic and http requests.

If I configure the 2nd routet as the default gateway, then I ll lose all the cool filters that come with current set up, which really prevents people from donwloading malicious stuff and visiting *undesirable* websites.

Any ideas how this could work without any casualties? Buying another server just to handle the exhange is not an option due to budget restrictions.

Thank you in advance for any suggestions

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Add Routes

by mike In reply to 2 routers on the same ser ...

The server that you're using as a router needs to have routes added to send packets out the right interface.

At the command prompt, do a "route ?" to view the options available, but here's the basics (let's assume that your normal network is, while the subnet that will handle smtp/etc has an ip scheme of, and you have two routers at the border... and

route add mask
route add mask

You'll note several other options, like metrics, but I've found these unnecessary, providing the routers are on directly connected subnets to the server. The server is smart... it'll check to make sure your gateways actually exist.

That should allow you to have multiple gateways on a single machine.

And if you end up needing the third NIC card, just add another route.

Give that a shot... see if it helps.


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Many many thanks for your reply

by ping58 In reply to Add Routes

Hello Mike,

Thank you for taking the time to post your reply; I really appreciate it.

I feel that this will do the trick as I just found an article from Microsoft advising the same thing Of course your reply makes quite more sense than Microsoft's way of explaining things!

Anyway for anyone else that might have the same question as I did here is the link:

Once again thank you for your advice

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