2 SBS 2003 DC on same network, but different Domains

By paul ·
Is it possible to have two SBS 2003 servers on the same physical network, but both with different Domains? The two SBS 2003 servers will not need to communicate with each other. They will share a single Internet connection. This is the case of a part of a company is separating from its mother company, but not moving. The break off company wants its own network setup. Thank you for any guidance you can provide.

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by Fregeus In reply to 2 SBS 2003 DC on same net ...

Both networks can be on the same physical network but on two different logical networks and still share the same Internet connection.

Not being a Windows guru (I'm a network guy) I cannot guarantee this, but I think there shouldn't be a problem, even if they are on the same logical network. So long as you have enough IP addresses.

Logically tho, if they are not the same company, they should at the very least, be on different logical network for privacy issues. Althought its not much of a privacy, but still better than on the same network.


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yes and 2 different suggestions

by akalinowski In reply to 2 SBS 2003 DC on same net ...

suggestion 1: easiest way is to turn off DHCP on 2nd SBS server and type in DNS manually to those computers that will join that domain and point to that SBS server for DNS.
2nd suggestion is buy a router and segrigate it that way. make the wan side of the router the lan side of your 1st network.

i've done both and they both will work.

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to add to others...

by CG IT In reply to 2 SBS 2003 DC on same net ...

multihome both boxes [which you should anyways as SBS works better that way]... then you will have the LAN side of both boxes on different subnets.

Means having two LAN switches and if your trying to get around this, you'll need to go to a managed switch and use VLANs to seperate the LANS.

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