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2 SBS2003 Servers Sharing Information?

By barry.king7 ·
Dear all, I have a client who presently has SBS2003 running on a bespoke PC. Due to a collection of problems they have decded to buy a new server. I am planning to get one from Dell with the latest SBS2003 software already installed to save a day. And now to the question...

My client presently has 11 employees, and I am buying 5 extra CAL's for the new server. What I want to do is rebuild the old server and allow some people to log onto the new server and some to log onto the old server (giving me 15 CAL's). This would not normally be a problem as I could/will just have two separate domains server1 and server2.

The problem I have is that I know that due to restrictions by Microsoft, you cannot have more SBS in a domain, but I want to be able to allow users logged onto either domain/server to see folders/locations on both servers depending upon which department they are from.

I also know that you cannot have trusts within an SBS domain!

Reasons behind this, no allowable downtime, upgrade to SBS2003 Premium, bespoke PC still reasonable for use.

Can anybody make any suggesgions please.



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by CG IT In reply to 2 SBS2003 Servers Sharing ...

well first off, domains are seperate in SBS so you don't get an accumulation of CALs to use. if they have 11 employess, and all access the domain you need 15 CALs [they come in 5 CAL 10 CAL and 25 CAL increments] and SBS comes with 5. If all 11 will access both domains , you need 15 on one 15 on the other.

you can disable DHCP on the old server and have it on the same subnet [provided it has a different address than the new box [default private is] so either change the new server or change the old server to something like you can add the old server into the LAN DNS of DNS servers with the new server. The NetBIOS name you pick for the new server needs to be different than the old server if you plan to use ADMT or exmerge to move stuff from the old server to the new server.

to access the old sever try using //server name /user name or //domain name/user name.

You have to be able to get downtime, either after hours, weekends, or at night. IF they have a 100% uptime need, they ought to consider another DC with the global catalog role on the new SBS domain and a file server that is not a DC.

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by CG IT In reply to

don't let Dell install SBS for you. all they will do is install the W2003 portion not configure the SBS box. you'll have to do that. might as well install the whole thing from scratch.

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