2 separate networks on the same computer

By ABCD_10 ·
I have an HP DL380 file server, serving two groups of clients with about 10 computers each.
Both of these groups are on 2 separate DELL Power Connect 2748 switches.
The file server has 2 sets of NIC ports ( a total of 4 NIC?s, teamed in pairs).
I would like the 1st NIC port on the file server connected to the 1st switch with the 1st group of clients, and the 2nd NIC port connected to the second switch with the 2nd group of clients.

This should help significantly with load balancing.

The problem is ALL of these computers are connected to the corporate domain, and are assigned an IP address from the DHCP server.
Both of these DELL switches are connected to a 3rd switch on the corporate domain.

The clients on switch 1 can access the 1st NIC port on the file server without any problems, but the clients on switch 2 does not use the 2nd NIC port on the file server, but instead route through the 3rd DELL switch and back to switch 1 and then finally to the 1st NIC port on the file server.

Is there any way I can achieve this setup described above?

I believe I would need to set a second IP address on all of the machines that are connected to Switch #2? And also the 2nd NIC port on the file server.
The tricky part is that all the computers on Switch 2 must be on the corporate domain simultaneously.


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I believe you could....

by ---TK--- In reply to 2 separate networks on th ...

Add an "A record" in the DNS to point a name to the NIC2.

Example: In DNS, points to the IP of NIC1, add a second A record so that points to NIC2's IP address. I believe that should work.

regarding teaming: NIC1 and NIC2 = NIC1 and NIC3 and NIC4 = NIC2... As far as load balancing and fail over, those settings are with in the configuration of the teamed NICS.

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A record on the DNS?

by ABCD_10 In reply to I believe you could....

Can you please elaborate on how to set this?

<<In DNS
You mean the file server?

Do I set this on the 2nd port of file server?
Or on the clients of the second switch / Group?

What's ""?


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Do you have any VLANs setup? {NT}

by SKDTech In reply to 2 separate networks on th ...

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