2 servers 1 site topology?

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I am a programmer that recently was assigned the task of building a single network site with 2 servers. The servers are both supposed to take on the role of the root domain and thier own Active Directories and are to use DHCP. Though the companies are considered separate there are 2 people that need access to both servers. Me and the Owner of the comapanies. I am imagining 2 forests but I do not understand the implications of the bi-directional trusts that I need for me and the owner. I want to deny everyone from the 2 companies access to the domain they are not associated with and only allow the owner and I free reign/access from domain to domain. The servers will be running windows 2003 r2 enterprise and windows 2003 exchange standard. If I used any of the wrong terminology I am sorry. Any insight is of course greatly appreciated :)!

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What's the plan?

by CG IT In reply to 2 servers 1 site topology ...

Just throwing together some servers operating Active Directory Services, doesn't serve either company well as each company will have unique requirements. What's the shared folder plan? What's the NTFS security plan? For that matter, why does the owner want full access? Do they know anything about Active Directory Services? If not, they can, with full access and no understanding of ADS, completely lose and make unretreivable, all company data stored on the network.

Gotta have a plan. With that plan, you might find out that the owners only want to access particular data and you can make that available via Remote Access without having to establish trusts between domains.

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