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2 very important sets of career / certification questions!!!

By davioh2001 ·
Question set #1 certifications:
I'm wondering what would be THE BEST training resource for those that have very limited budgets(around $100+I am wanting electronic resources only like practice tests)...PLEASE CHIME IN & let me know if you've had experience with the following... how good are the training resources?
can anyone find the link to the $99 unlimited access promotion? how good are the training resources? how good are the training resources?

D. other???? are there other better resources out there?

Question set #2 entry level career strategy:

Ok this is the question: I have seen MANY ads that want a diverse set of skills (must know microsoft, novell, and linux. Must know java, c++, assembly, c#) etc.

My question is do you think its better to specialize in one product certifcation or many and why?

I ask because as I move forward with my training I need to make a decision become the jack of all trades/master of none or focus on just one or 2 things. As an example I have decided to focus on learning JUST JAVA for my programming language! Is this approach foolish due to being to narrow?

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by secure_lockdown In reply to 2 very important sets of ...

there is more money in specializing on one particular thing than being a jack of all trades.

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True, as long...

by Lumbergh77 In reply to specialize long as you know what to specialize in. The more specialized you are, the more trapped you are.

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by secure_lockdown In reply to True, as long...

lets put it this way.

you bring in a generic programmer - you pay him/her X amount of dollars.

you bring in a SAP or PeopleSoft specialist - you pay him/her 100 times more than joe **** programmer.

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"Time of Life"

by ross.bale In reply to

Specialisation depends on what stage in your career you are, if in the early to mid stages, diversification makes you appeal to the largest audience. Most companies despite Microsoft's thinking do not tend to stick to one vendor or technology, especially in support, you may need to support servers, firewalls, network hardware all of which will require a different skill set. Also concentrate on good core knowledge areas such as Networking - this will be required in any IT job these days, if you are a bit later on in your career, specialise, but don't lose all the other generalist skills at it's expense - you never know when you might need them !

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Yes, but if you are...

by admin In reply to

Looking at it from a selling instead of buying perspective, the generic programmer will have a much larger market pool and if young or unplaced is much more likely to stay in work.

I would say start off general and work to a speciality in a field once placed.

It's hard to get a job as a specialist right off.

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Sybex Books

by jrisner In reply to 2 very important sets of ...

Read lots of books. Sybex are the best. I would also recommend trying to start out with a cert that will get your foot in the door. Like MCP or A+. You can later make a decision about whether or not to specialize.

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Sybex good but what about the sites in the original post?

by davioh2001 In reply to Sybex Books

I already have plenty of books. I was really wanting to know about the sites I had mentioned in the first post. I was thinking about but someone else said they are nothing but cbts (which to me isnt necessarily a bad thing).

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by jrisner In reply to Sybex good but what about ...

I know someone who has several certs and he uses Transcenders

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Sybex - I second that notion

by house In reply to Sybex Books

Grab a sybex book and run labs while you are going through the chapters. They are the best publications in the field. :)

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study material

by Japneezprincess10 In reply to 2 very important sets of ...

I have always heard that transcender is very helpful...

Check them out!


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