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2 very important sets of career / certification questions!!!

By davioh2001 ·
Question set #1 certifications:
I'm wondering what would be THE BEST training resource for those that have very limited budgets(around $100+I am wanting electronic resources only like practice tests)...PLEASE CHIME IN & let me know if you've had experience with the following... how good are the training resources?
can anyone find the link to the $99 unlimited access promotion? how good are the training resources? how good are the training resources?

D. other???? are there other better resources out there?

Question set #2 entry level career strategy:

Ok this is the question: I have seen MANY ads that want a diverse set of skills (must know microsoft, novell, and linux. Must know java, c++, assembly, c#) etc.

My question is do you think its better to specialize in one product certifcation or many and why?

I ask because as I move forward with my training I need to make a decision become the jack of all trades/master of none or focus on just one or 2 things. As an example I have decided to focus on learning JUST JAVA for my programming language! Is this approach foolish due to being to narrow?

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training or just certs?

by gralfus In reply to 2 very important sets of ...

For training (especially in programming), there is no real fast path. Get the requirements of what the vendors are looking for on their tests and then study and practice until you really know the material.

If all you want is a brain dump and a cert so you can get a job and then be fired later when they find you don't know anything, then you are on your own for finding resources. I've encountered too many paper holders who didn't know one end of a cable from another.

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by davioh2001 In reply to training or just certs?

I'm 95% done with my bs in cis. 90% of the degree is 'real class work'. The other 10% is certification work (primarily comptia). I also have 1 year past experience working for a publicly traded company so I do know the end of a cable! Im looking for resources to help me with comptia, microsoft and cisco tests.

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tech schools and some literature

by Mastertone_Tech In reply to

For CISCO certification (CCNA), I would recommend that, when you finish school, get enroll in some technical college classes (I know it is hard, after pursuing a degree) specifically in CISCO, WAN or systems administration.

For the certification test, I would suggest that you get the Cisco official books for self-study with the LabSim for some hands-on and TestKing. This web site provides with tons of test like questions and answers that, in combination with the book will certainly prepar you for the test.

Keep in mind that, nothing replaces hands-on experience. That's why I suggest you to work with a tech school, preferably within a lab.

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Re: training resources

by grobi43 In reply to 2 very important sets of ...

for excellent CCNA and other network-based and related IT training, I would strongly consider: fellow is a CCIE and offers excellent free resources as well as reasonably priced IT training.

The best FREE training resource is: would strongly urge you to go to this website, it references other FREE IT resources.

I would consider learning as many RELATED technologies as possible. Example: Learn JAVA, but pick up on all IT resources related to it. The two websites I mentioned are based on my opinion(s)Good Luck!

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