2 Virus Scan at a same time

By Extelliqent ·

I wonder if using 2 virus scan at a same time is safe ?

I think; probably what happens is when one of them finish scanning and cleaning infections in the computer the otherone might find infections that first one find. Is it really good thing for infections to hide themselves ?

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THey may fight with eachother

by Slayer_ In reply to 2 Virus Scan at a same ti ...

I had this once, installed AVG and an ancient version of Norton cause I had a bad infection.

AVG couldn't find crap (10 year newer database and it was still useless) but it DID manage to find a virus in the Norton quarantine, which Norton did not like AVG touching, it popped up on screen saying AVG found a virus, then immediately my computer blue screen halted with norton saying it was being tampered with by AVG and it asked permission to end the process and quarantine the avg.exe.

Fortunately virus scanners are no longer THAT aggressive, but I still wouldn't recommend having two scanners going at the same time.

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I have done this with no problem

by patb071 In reply to 2 Virus Scan at a same ti ...

Most of the time i run avast and malewarebytes with out issues, but most of the time i run one and then the next day run the other.

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point of interest

by PurpleSkys In reply to I have done this with no ...

Malwarebytes is a malware scanner, not an Antivirus scanner

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by PurpleSkys In reply to 2 Virus Scan at a same ti ...

two A/V's will conflict with each other often giving false positives when scanning. If i don't think that my onboard A/V is catching viruses, I'll use an online scanner such as BitDefender, Panda, etc.

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Not good but it depends

by unhappyuser In reply to 2 Virus Scan at a same ti ...

If both are in realtime mode they will cause issues with each other. Keep one in realtime and they other in standby mode but have it perform a scan every so often.

Think of it as having two security guards. One is roaming the halls looking for intruders while the other is in the "booth" watching from above where no one can see him.

It gives you more protection but doesn't cause issues with the "guards" thinking the other is an intruder.


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In most cases, the cure is worse than the disease

by robo_dev In reply to Not good but it depends

First of all, AV programs are often resource hogs, using memory and processor cycles.

Many AV programs do not run well all by themselves (cough..Norton..), much less with a second program running.

While there may be some cases where product A misses one virus and product B detects it, for 99% of the time, the result will be that the pain, slowdowns, lockups, and conflicts created by multiple AV products will be worse than a virus infection ever could be.

My advice is to buy the best product you can, and use only that product.

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for a home user

by PurpleSkys In reply to In most cases, the cure i ...

i never recommend buying a product. There are lots of free good ones out there that will serve all that a home user would need. Avast is generally what I recommend and what we use here at home. It's not a real big resourse hog and it's easy to use.

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Defiantly not a good idea

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to 2 Virus Scan at a same ti ...

But what i do when I have a nasty infection to deal with is hit the system with a Rescue Disc.

This runs from the CD Drive and doesn't allow the Installed OS to load so any infections that the OS has are not running and hiding.

I personally like F Secure

and the Trinity Rescue Kit

But the reality is that any of the Rescue Cd's will do a reasonably good job and I've been known to use several on problem systems.

Here is a link to a TR Blog on the use of these Tools


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by h4x0rj3ff In reply to 2 Virus Scan at a same ti ...

having multiple anti virus software causes the software to fight with each other resulting in NO protection as a worst case scenario. best bet is to only have one and if you are wondering about the integrity of the scanner you can do an online virus scan for free through hope this helps!

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No, don't scan with more than one of *anything* at the same time.

by seanferd In reply to 2 Virus Scan at a same ti ...

What would be the point, anyway? If you want two AVs, scan consecutively.

Never let both install as resident. One can be your real-time AV, the other, just for manual scans. But depending on the products, they may fight regardless.

Better to get a copy of Malwarebytes for extra scanning power.

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