2 vlans on same ip range?

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Hey guys,

I'm not the greatest networking guy, but this just doesn't seem right. We're having massive networking problems, and I thought I spotted the problem, but I'm being told I'm wrong. Here's what I see. Essentially, my server is statically set to and I can see some of my other devices on that same network (10.10.10.x/ also statically set), but not all and it's very sporadic. Meanwhile, if I change my server to dhcp, I pull (same ip, different subnet), which tells me there's something broadcasting another network in the same ip range. When I showed the network team, they told me this is fine - that they have 2 vlans on the same ip range in the same ports on a Cisco 3560G. Has something changed? Am I losing my mind or is this just flat wrong on a basic level?

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Not sure about your network topology, but

by robo_dev In reply to 2 vlans on same ip range?

With Variable Length Subnet Masking, there is all sorts of magic you can do the network.

As long as your network is not trying to route between the two networks, that should be OK.

Using multiple VLANs per port (trunking) keeps the two different networks separate from each other. VLANs are a layer-2 service while of course routing and IP is layer-3. As long as the right subnet is on the right vlan, I think that is OK.

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