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    2 webservers(Tomcat, IIS) on 1 server with 2 nics


    by tavari ·

    I have a win2003 web edition server with 2 different nics. Tomcast is listening to 1 nic and IIS is listening to another nic.
    Both the NICs are connected to the same firewall.

    Problem is that IIS is not working on port 80
    (I even fixed the “All unassigned” problem so that IIS strictly listens to the specific ip address). It works on other ports though.

    I have a netgear FVL328 firewall that is also using the first external IP, and NATing that to the web server.
    It is configured to match the MAC address of each nic with the correct internal ip (in the network database).
    In the WAN Setup/MultiDMZ, I have assigned the correct external ip to the correct internal ip.

    Under Rules/inbound services it does not allow port 80 to be specifically sent to 2 ip addresses. only 1.

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