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2 week notice contract!!

By Jim Gaudet, MCSE ·
Facts: Our manual says that the employer/employee may resign without any reason. I have seen 4 people spot fired in the last month and I am getting worried that they may do this to me.
Question: Is there any templates out there that could outline acontract for me that ammends the manual and forces the employer to give 2 weeks notice (of course they would have to sign it), and me give them 2 weeks also.

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How will you justify

by James R Linn In reply to 2 week notice contract!!

Getting a different agreement from everyone else?

Check the labour laws in your state/province/country. In my experience, most have a minimum notice period based on the number of years experience. Now most companies pay out in lieu of notice, because they don't want fired employees hanging around. But its based on the offical notice provisions.

I would think you would want to give your employer two weeks notice as a courtesy - never burn bridges, and less notice than two weeks does that.


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by timwalsh In reply to 2 week notice contract!!

The bottom line is that you have agreed to be an employee with those existing conditions. There is nothing you can do to "force" the company to change its policies unless they are illegal. Unless your talents are such that they make you irreplaceable, and the company will do anything to keep you (like amend their policy to give you, specifically, 2 weeks notice) (and since you are showing such concern, that's probably not the case), you are probably out of luck.

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Now why would your employer comply?

by nickmalik In reply to 2 week notice contract!!

If you, like me, work in an "at will" state, which means that the law recognized your right to work where you want, when you want, then you are unlikely to have the right to force your employer to sign a contract.

True, some state laws restrict employers to providing notice for layoffs, but those provisions rarely apply to administrative or technical personnel, which you probably are.

Besides, if they lay you off, and you complain, they can tell a judge that your job performance was slipping, and that they fired you for poor performance. It gets hard to prove them wrong.

Look on the bright side: They can fire you, but they can't prevent you from getting a job at the competition, and taking your knowledge with you (that's your endof "at will" employment).

Good Luck in finding stable employment. I've been there with you.

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