2 Wired PC & 1 Wireless Not Connecting

By flyphotog ·
Trying to setup SOHO network with 2 wired PCs and 1 wireless laptop, all running XP SP2. Followed Microsoft Online Network wizard & Network SetUp Wizard on all machines but no luck.

Connected Cable Modem to Belking Wirless G Router. Connected Wireless G to PC1. PC1 can access internet. Connected PC2 and/or LapTop and ran Wizards. Not seeing PC2 or LapTop.PC2 nor LapTop can access internet.

Can anyone point me to the correct config procedure.

Lost.........Girlfriend upset that she can't LapTop Shop from bed. Help!


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Wizards are good when they work

by LiamE In reply to 2 Wired PC & 1 Wireless ...

Wizards are good when they work but not much use when they dont.

Routers and modems are subtely different beasts as I'm sure you know. The modem will have an IP address that will work for 1 device. Your router - if its the right kind - will let lots of devices use that 1 IP address and hide all the workings from the modem.

Why do I say "if its the right kind"? Well - there are lots of types of router. Most that you'll find at PC world or wherever wont be the type you need. You need an ethernet to ethernet router, not a dsl router as nearly all of them are.

Typically the router will have 4-8 RJ45 sockets on the back and telephone cable socket seperated by an inch or so. the type you need instead of having thta telephone port will have another RJ45 port. Its that single port that the modem needs to be attached to. I suspect at the moment its in the main bunch of sockets with the PC's.

Have a look at the PC that works and find its IP address... if its not a private IP like or but more something like its using the address that the router should be using.

How should it be set up? Well the modem should go into the seperate port and its external IP programmed to match that given by the modem (that IP will look complex and random). The internal side of the router should than be programmed to give out DHCP addresses in the 192.168.0.x range or similar. All the PC should be setup to auto matically get their IP's and itr should work.

What if you dont have the right router? Well - your PC can act as a router if you put a second network card in it. Connect card 1 to the modem and card 2 to a hub or switch where the others can connect and run the network connection sharing wizard. Then you may need to manually set the IP's for the other PC's to match the range set in connector 2 of the routing PC.

Once you have teh wired PC's all working happily the wireless should be straightfoward - but leave that till everything else is working.

Good luck.

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Lets see if I've got this right

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to 2 Wired PC & 1 Wireless ...

You have connected a Cable modem to a Belkin WiFi Router and are attempting to setup a combination Wired & WiFi LAN from that point on right?

First thing to do is visit the Belkin site and see if there is a new Firmware update available for the Router and download it and install it as per the instructions in the Belkin Manual. Then you can set about setting up the LAN.

Directly connect one computer Via CAT 5 cable to the router and enter the Routers HTTP address in a Web Browser and then the User Name & Password follow the directions in the manual to setup the router and then reboot the router from the connection panel inside the setup routine. You can then connect any other wired computers to the LAN and run the Network Setup Wizards on these computers. Remember to allow the ability to Share Printers & Folders and put everything in the same Workgroup.

Now you should have the 2 wired computers seeing each other and being able to share files between them and access the Internet.

Next setup the WiFi connection on the NB and see if it connects to the WiFi access point on the router, you will need to add any MAC addresses or whatever you added in the initial setup to the NB here and setup a User Profile to establish the WiFi connection. At this point try to look at the rest of the network and if it is invisible you'll need to go back into the router and make sure that you have enabled the WiFi to connect to the Wired side of the router.

If all is working well you are almost finished. You are now facing the biggest problem known to man and that is using a NB in bed as the bed cloths block the air intakes and allow the NB to overheat so you'll need to devise something to sit the NB on that will allow air flow between the underside of the NB and what it is sitting on, you'll need some kind of board here or a small table to prevent the NB being destroyed by blocking the air intakes and overheating the unit. Females tend to want things that are unsafe at the best of times and can not understand why they destroy things because they fell sleep while using the Internet in bed. The first thing that happens is that the bed cloths block off the intakes and the NB overheats and then it gets knocked off the bed when she's asleep both are very harmful to the workings of any NB and will result in it's sudden demise and an even more upset female who will refuse to take the blame for the destruction of the NB.

At this point it's much safer to encourage the female to start smoking while in bed it's far less dangerous to electronics.


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2 Wired PCs - 1 Wireless LapTop Network XP

by flyphotog In reply to Lets see if I've got this ...

Thanks for the replies. I'll give these ideas a shot tonight when I get home.I'm the IT Manager at work by default....I was the only one who knew a Megabyte from a Mosquito bite. Thanks again.'ve met my girlfriend? LOL!

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2 Wired PCs - 1 Wireless LapTop Network XP - Working

by flyphotog In reply to 2 Wired PCs - 1 Wireless ...

Got the network up and running. Thanks for the tips.

Reset the wireless router to factory default. Started from square one on PC1.

Connected Cable modem to Wireless Router.

Connected Wirelss Router to PC1

Ran Network Wizard on PC1 - Set up Workgroup

Connected PC2 to Wireless Router

Ran Network Wizard on PC2. Joined Workgroup.

Verified Shared Folders PC1 visible on PC2 through My Network Places.

Ran Network Wizard on LapTop. Joined Workgroup.

All PC's talking and Surfing.

Glass of wine for me. Cheers to you!

Girlfriend happy...for now



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