2 Wireless Routers in the same network giving issues

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Hi all
Another Wireless Routers Configuration issue

I have NETGEAR DG834GV router/Modem/VOIP combo (Calling it now as R1) and other as ASUS WL-700gE (Calling as R2 - having inbuilt HDD and trying to use as Central Storage and router on the network)

Currently using R1 for all wireless activities. Now want to use R1 only as modem and R2 as wireless router

having problems configuring it

One think I know that I can change the default IP for R2 and I have tried doing that but then still not sure how to connect R1

My currrent config which I am trying is

R1 connected to phone line. Lan port on R1 feeding into WAN port on R2 to get internet connectivity (assuming that I only have ADSL modem R1 and feeding internet to R2 WAN port)

All wireless devices then connects to R2.

1st Problem
My devices when connected through RJ45 directly to R2 to configure it as mentioned in manual does not detect it. If I browse through (R2 default IP) it comes with login screen and I can change default IP and put wireless SSID details and other things but not sure whether I should put ADSL Broadband details in R2 or R1 (R1 already has broadband details and Wireless SSID).

So I thought to turn off R1 as wireless Access point and leave the ADSL details in it and use R2 as only Access point and put SSID into it but leave blank the ADSL details. But nothing seems to work

I at this point have stuffed up everything. Not sure I am thinking correctly or not

On top of it thanks to ASUS that I do not have any phone support in Australia

Guys help me out so that I can have Central storage

Thanks in advance


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