2 wireless routers with the same SSID?

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Hi All
Well I have the following problem,
We run a pretty big diesel shop and the floor space is huge, I have a wireless router that covers most of the building but it does not have enough range to cover part of the shop floor, the mecahnics use some diagnostic software on laptops that needs a wireless connection.
My solution is to add another Router in the dead part of the shop, to give it the same SSID and settings the old router has.
Theoretically the laptop should see the seperate routers as one and you would't need to switch back and forth between wireless connections?

Well I tried this and it has not affected the old router in anyway and altough the new one broadcasts I can't get into my domain with it and neither can I get out onto the net.
Any help would be much apreciated

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If both routers

by w2ktechman In reply to 2 wireless routers with t ...

are physically connected to the wired network (or connected through a wifi bridge link), and are on different channels, and have the same SSID, and support roaming, and have overlapping coverage (I think between 20-40% overlap), then it should be working fine.

If the second router is not connected to the domain, then you will not recieve Internet or Intranet.
If you plug in a LAN cable, does it reach the Internet?

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by inachu In reply to 2 wireless routers with t ...

instead of buying that second router you should have bought an extender.

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Check IP addressing!!

by tintoman In reply to hmmmm

Might be that you have both routers configured as DHCP servers, if so disable DHCP on the second router and watch the data flow.
If your router has the option to be configured as an access point only then you should choose that option

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