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2 x Cisco 1721's linking 2 sites

By atroman ·
I have about 4 sites that all run on the IP range of 172.20.x.x /
I've been chalenged with linking the main site with one of the remote sites. We have just had a BT Megastream installed, UK eqivilent of a T1 i beleive.
I have done a CCNA, but i'm very rusty on the subject,so i'm using config maker. I need to use the following IP addresses to link the sites, how do i go about this as i've tried subnetting and the networks won't communicate.

Site A: /
Site B: /




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by CG IT In reply to 2 x Cisco 1721's linking ...

humm theres more to establishing communications between sites than just setting up the routers. Even if you establish WAN links between the 2 access routers theres the matter of authentication between the sites [or domains] and permissions to access resources between the sites.

Please provide more information regarding the 2 sites such as what O/S they are running. If windows is it a domain? if so are the sites subdomains of the root or seperate domains, Are any of the sites running Windows 2000/2003 with active directory?

Further, have you established WAN links between the access routers at all? How is your access router currently configured?

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by CG IT In reply to

how have you setup your access router to accept inbound TCP/IP communications? and which ports are you using for that. What type of communications protocol are you using to try and communicate between the routers? Have you enabled RIP 2 over the WAN link?

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by CG IT In reply to

gods tom you take all the fun out of it.

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by tommymcbrayer In reply to 2 x Cisco 1721's linking ...

Let's seeeeeee, CCNA hmmmmm, this normally would cost $$$$, but hey the is TR. Ain't gonna happen with those addresses and subnet.

Configure your controllers for your BT circuit and set the serial interfaces address to a unique address. Example, site A and site B Make sure the connections are plugged in and do a no shut on the serial interfaces. You should be able to show a line up protocol up if your controllers are setup correctly. Once this is done then you will then need to add your default routes. Presto you are connected and routing. Cheers.


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by atroman In reply to 2 x Cisco 1721's linking ...

The main site is running Active Directory within a Win 2K and and XP environment.
The sites are currently linked via ISDN.

There are no sub networks within the main network.

I don't have the option of changing the IP addresses, they are the only one's I'm able to use.

Is this problem solvable by setting the routers to bridge mode.

If so, from within Cisco Config Maker how would this be done?

Thank you for your help.

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