20% replaces blanks in file name....

By davemclachlan ·
Whe I open an excel file and then click 'save as' the blanks in the file name are replaced with 20% ..

Any idea why this is?

I appreciate your assistance..thanks.

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Spaces are not allowed online

by Slayer_ In reply to 20% replaces blanks in fi ...

Try typing in any web address with a space in it, %20 is I believe the Hex value of a space.

This is why most IT people will use underscores _ as spaces in file names, as they won't get wrecked.

Here, take a look.,%20June%2022%202008/

But if you browse the pages, you will see those are in fact spaces, but your address bar shows %20.

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Thanks but..

by davemclachlan In reply to 20% replaces blanks in fi ...

Yes, that makes sense for a web page or web file name but this is just a Pc based spreadsheet. Why does the 'save as' filename contain %20 in lieau of blanks?

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was it downloaded from the internet?

by Slayer_ In reply to Thanks but..

Otherwise, just replace the %20's with spaces. I don't see the big deal. Is this causing a problem with something?

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Where are you opening from?

by Bizzo In reply to 20% replaces blanks in fi ...

And where are you saving the file to?

Do you open and close the file from and to your local file system?

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