2.0 usb ports acting like 1.1 ports in win 7 pro

By jaypea500 ·
so, all of a sudden, when plugging devices into my usb 2.0 hub I'm getting messages from windows 7 saying "this usb 2.0 device can perform faster if you connect it to a hi-speed usb 2.0 port..."

all the ports on my mobo (asus M3A78-CM) are 2.0, as is the hub I'm using. up till about a week ago everything was fine. nothing's changed since. a few days ago this started.

any ideas? what should I look for, bad drivers, etc...


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What devices?

by seanferd In reply to 2.0 usb ports acting like ...

Are the devices (or cables) USB 2.0?

Did you have a possible USB 1.1 device or cable plugged into this port previously? Windows might be keeping the setting.

You could try removing the affected ports or the entire USB system from Device Manager, then reboot.

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Have had same behavior in Vista

by mirok18 In reply to 2.0 usb ports acting like ...

and have "fixed" by changing from front port usb to a rear port even though all are supposed to be 2.0. I could move it back to the front port after being installed to rear one and it would work fine for awhile. Had a lot of usb problems with Vista. HP usb printer would suddenly need install disk because its not installed even though its been hooked up for a year etc
This stopped happening when i moved to win 7.

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Go to the Asus support site

by IC-IT In reply to 2.0 usb ports acting like ...

Punch in your information to get to the download page.
Choose Vista 32bit
Choose Chipset
The first listing should be the chipset drivers for both Vista and Win 7

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