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2000 BDC server

By kumarmani ·

I have migrated from NT 4.0 to 2000 ADS as PDC server , How to add BDC server in 2000 ADS for Reduncy purpose.

send me the procedure for the same


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Apples and Oranges

by mroddy In reply to 2000 BDC server


NT 4.0 and Win 2000 are two different animals when it comes to Domain Controllers.

Based on your post your concern seems to be fault tolerance, having a second domain controller in case one goes down.

This can be accomplised by adding(or upgrading) a second server as a Win 2000 Domain Controller.

I know your thinking you can't have two PDC's.
That's where NT and 2000 differ, PDC's and BDC's dont exist in a 2000 enviorment, instead when you installed active directory serviceson your server (and assuming that it was the FIRST Win 2000 server in the domain) it became the Forest Root Domain Server.

By adding an addtional Domain Controller to this domain and installing Active Directory Services the two domain controllerswill replicate the contents of the Active Directory between themselves.

This is a quick answer to a COMPLEX issue.

Before proceeding with any additional changes to your Network I highly recommend that you read up on Active Directroy, and Issues associated with migrating from a NT 4.0 to a Win 2000 enviorment.


M Roddy

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by kumarmani In reply to Apples and Oranges

Hi have done same thing configured Additional domain controller and it works sucessfuly for couple of days then suddenly MY PDC server ?(2000 ADS server ) got down due some Hardware Problem I though that My Additinal server Take care the network butit was not , Iam getting the following error.

"Not able to contact Domain controller pls contact system administrator"

Hope u understand the problem reply imm


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Second Domain Controller

by mroddy In reply to 2000 BDC server


The procedure for installing a Second Domain Controller (and verifying the correct setup of DNS) can be found many places on the Web. I recommend checking out the following Microsoft Knowledge Base articles:

Setting Up the Domain Name System for Active Directory Q237675

HOW TO: Promote and Demote Domain Controllers in Windows 2000 Q238369

These articles should help.

Let me know how the battle goes....


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