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    2000 Certificate Server-No Hardware Upgrade Path-Need to Rename


    by megapril ·

    Hello, I have a 2000 Server that is my company’s only CA server. We are upgrading to 2003 and this server’s hardware will not be able to handle the upgrade. Also, we are instituting a new naming convention so we need to install a new 2003 server with Certificate Services and use a different name. I know the certificates are tied to the computer name so I was wondering if I could simply use SAN (Subject Alternative Name) by using netdom to assign the old 2000 CA server name to the new 2003 CA server, and then of course, register both names in DNS. That way, when clients requesting certs from the old server name, they would simply be directed to the new 2003 CA server with both names. Is this possible? Thank You-C.White

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