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2000 Defrag Issue

By fuzzgrr ·
So I am unable to defrag any of my W2K machines. I get this error:
Volume has 62% free space, but only 0% is available for use... So, how do I get more allocated to the defrag? If I click ok, it defrags but the end graph looks no different, it doesn't really do anything. Any ideas?

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by Greg Hayes/Raxco Software In reply to 2000 Defrag Issue

Is this partition FAT or NTFS? I suspect NTFS. On NTFS partitions, freespace is actually located in two different areas - INSIDE of the MFT Reserved Zone and OUTSIDE of the MFT Reserved Zone. Defraggers that use the defrag APIs provided by MS as part of the Win2k operating system can't use the freespace INSIDE of the MFT Reserved Zone. It is possible that the freespace available on this partition is not usable because of this. However, the built-in defragger won't break down the freespace into the two different areas. You might need to consider a commercial defragger (links provided below):

PerfectDisk -
Diskeeper - (maker of the built-in defragger)
SpeedDisk -
O&O Defrag -
Ontrack -
Defrag Commander -

- Greg/Raxco Software

Disclaimer: I work for Raxco Software, the maker of PerfectDisk 2000, as a systems engineer in the support department.

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