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    2000 Password Quirk ???


    by fnm48 ·

    When setting up windows 2000 for a dial up connection, I checked the “remember this” box. When I re-booted the machine, the password was written twice ??? So, unless you wanted to manually enter the user name and password, you couldn’t get into the network !
    I took it completely out (ie deleted the connection info) and when I re-installed it the same scenario happened. “Double password” ???

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      Reply To: 2000 Password Quirk ???

      by beermonster ·

      In reply to 2000 Password Quirk ???

      I’m guessing that you have a password of say 5 characters, yet when you view the masked password you can see 10 hashes? If so then the number of hashes you see does not represent the length of the password it is hiding – it’s done like that so no one can see how long your password is, which might help them guess it.

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