2000 SBS DC to 2003 server DC?

By sagewah ·

I'm looking to rebuild an existing 2000 SBS machine as a new 2003 R2 (non SBS) machine.

Should I just give up now?

I was planning on building a temporary 2003 R2 machine with Exchange 2003 and migrating the AD and exchange stuff over, then rebuilding on the original hardware and migrating back. However, by all account you can only have one DC in a 2000 SBS domain - sorta destroys that plan of attack.

We're currently using veritas backup exec 11 for the backing up of stuff. Could I back up system state and mailboxes, wipe machine, rebuild machine (we have the technology, apparently) and then restore system state and mailboxes to the new versions?

No, didn't think so. Can't blame a guy for hoping though...

Maybe if I ran forestprep and domainprep /before/ backing up.. would that help any?

I've managed to upgrade the other servers in the domain to 2003, so this is the last hurdle. Well, tidying up the new terminal server also needs to be done, but I can't really do that all that well until I've upgraded the DC so I can play with all the yummy new printer options in GP.

Any and all help, ideas, or beer appreciated.

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by Churdoo In reply to 2000 SBS DC to 2003 serve ...

First, yes you can install a second DC on an SBS network, nothing will stop you, so I think that your original plan will work as is (first running the appropriate adprep version on the SBS to upgrade the AD schema). The only problem being that I don't know if you can DCPROMO demote SBS from a DC once you have your new DC / Exchange Server in place, and have replicated all appropriate exchange data / system folders, etc. So you may have to just turn off the SBS, sieze all roles to the new DC and metadata cleanup the SBS out of the AD before you rebuild her and bring her back.

Another option, and you'll have to research this, may be the Transition Pack. The Transition Pack for SBS de-SBS' a server into the separate Server and Exchange components, and eliminates the limitations of SBS, thereby splitting SBS into the full-blown Server and Exchange server products.

The part I don't know, and I'll bet CG_IT does, is if the transition pack will work on your SBS 2000 or if it requires you to be on SBS 2003 first.

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by sagewah In reply to Options

Thanks for the help mate!

Once I've got the AD and exchange data off the box I'd be quite happy to switch it off and start formatting :) Until recently, it was the terminal server, web server, database server, mail server, login server, print server, DNS/DHCP/WINS and file server all at once. The other roles have been moderately easy to shift over to other machines (although purchasing T$ CALs is never pleasant) but I've been at a loss as to how to get over this last hurdle. Mostly I'm worried that I'll lose something and have to rebuild the domain and the other servers - in an ideal world I'd have sent the users home for a couple of weeks, started with a new 2003 box and new domain and taken it from there.

This transition pack sounds like just the thing though! I will definitely be spending some quality time with google tonight :)

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