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2000 Server Internet Connection Sharing

By ston ·
I have installed ICS on a 2000 server and created the dialup account. The Dialup works great if started on the server. When the client starts IE the modem dials but does not connect. You can hear the modem handle the handshaking but then it just drops the connection and redials. No errors or log messages. It acts like it is logging in using the wrong account name of password but there is no way to check it. I also had it running DHCP and DNS but have since turned them off and gave the client a static address. Any ideas?

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2000 Server Internet Connection Sharing

by ec364 In reply to 2000 Server Internet Conn ...

Well, I think you're missing the real functionality of the Internet Sharing Connection. You are at the right track on the Windows 2000 server to dial out and connect to the Internet through your ISP. What you need to do is install Proxy Server to Win2K server and Proxy Client on the workstations. Your workstation don't have to dial out for Internet connection. Only your Win2K server. In fact, your workstations don't need a modem as long as their in the network and connected to the Win2K server.And while you're at it, why not consider a faster connection for less $$, like DSL. In the long run your dial-up connection might be costly because you need Win2K server connected all the time. Of course, not unless it's local. But just the same, it's slowwww.


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2000 Server Internet Connection Sharing

by ston In reply to 2000 Server Internet Conn ...

I was not clear in my initial posting. The client machine does not have a modem. The dialing I refer to is on the server. ICS works fine on the client machine if I make the connection from the server first. It just won't connect when initiated on the client machine. Thanks for your help anyway.

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