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2000 Server to 2003 Server

By nathanmiller339 ·
I want to Migrate a Winows 2000 Server to a new Windows 2003 Server. I would like to keep the same Domain name if I can, then I would not have to go to each single computer and change which Domain they are apart of and so forth. Is this possible? I could use as much help as I possibly could get. Thanks

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Very easily done

by Why Me Worry? In reply to 2000 Server to 2003 Serve ...

Bring the new Windows 2003 Server online as a member server into your existing Windows 2000 AD environment. Now, I am assuming your existing Windows 2000 AD environment is running in mixed mode or Windows 2000 native mode, which is OK. Promote the Windows 2003 member server to a domain controller by running DCPROMO on it and selecting Domain Controller for an existing domain. Repeat these steps for all other Windows 2003 domain controllers you will bring online. The next phase is to move the 5 FSMO roles and other services such as DNS (AD Integrated I would hope)and DHCP, as well as designate new Global Catalog servers on the 2003 servers and remove the GC role from the Windows 2000 servers. Once you have done this, you can start demoting the Windows 2000 domain controllers back to member servers and removing them from your AD environment all together by puting them in a workgroup. Once all Windows 2000 servers are out of your AD environment and you are in a pure Windows 2003 environment, raise your forest functional level to Windows 2003, followed by the domain functional level to Windows 2003. If you plan on keeping Windows 2000 servers around, do not raise the functional level and leave your AD environment in a mixed mode or Windows 2000 native mode.

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Windows Server 2000 Disc

Someone working for us had an accident last week and trapped a large number of Discs in the safe door. In consequence to this the discs got smashed, such as Windows Server 2003, Windows Advanced Sever 2000 & Windows Server 2000. I was just wondering if you would make me a copy of your windows server disc and post it to me? This is completely legal as I will be using my existing serial number. I am willing to pay the costs to produce the disc and post it. Please can you help?

Please E-mail



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