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2000Pro Continuous Rebooting at Startup

By blaine64 ·
At startup the machine continuously reboots, over and over again. I can't get in to do anything, including reloading W2KP. Any ideas? Thx.

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by Blackcurrant In reply to 2000Pro Continuous Reboot ...


If you press and hold down F8 when the computer next starts it will display a boot menu. At the bottom of this list should be an option not to automatically reboot if an error is detected.

Even if this option is not available, there is an option to boot your machine in Safe Mode. Use this and then you can perform some maintenance.

Good luck

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by sgt_shultz In reply to 2000Pro Continuous Reboot ...

how far into windows is it getting? do you get to the black screen tht says loading windows 2000 at the bottom? do you get as far as the logon screen?
anyhow, if you search for windows 2000 'restart' you will see this can be caused by many things, due to handy feature of w2k that 'restarts on system error' boy, they were pretty confident about that, weren't they?
it will take a bit to troubleshoot but it is not hard. first you need to disable that 'feature' then you need to research the error you will see when it stops on system error instead of restarting...
if you have lots of free defragged hd space? then it is pretty easy.
you will need a windows 2000 pro installation cd.
while finding it, ask self: did this ever work? is it an upgrade? did i add hardware or upgrade drivers.
this is the most generic article i found. it will get you started, maybe all the way...
Windows Restarts Continuously with Blue Screen;en-us;174630

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by exNN In reply to 2000Pro Continuous Reboot ...

if the operating system ends the booting process check for viruses. good luck

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by Mad Max In reply to 2000Pro Continuous Reboot ...

This is the Blaster worm in action... Follow the safe mode instructions and use a removal tool from either norton or mcafee to clean


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