2002 ACER monitor

By jeking57 ·
Have an old (2002) monitor. This a.m., no lights were on...turned off at power strip, waited the 60 seconds, turned back on at power strip and still no lights on monitor. There is a motor running within the box (fan?). I think the motherboard is gone...Has anyelse had this problem and is my thinking correct? Thanks for responding.

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You really need to supply more information here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to 2002 ACER monitor

Like the Model of the Computer or Monitor. Just saying that it's a 2002 is not enough to even begin to guess what you are asking about.

If this is a complete Computer like a Desktop the most likely thing is a blown Power Supply but that's a Educated Guess at best.


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re: power strips

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to 2002 ACER monitor

As the previous poster said, we really need more information. Monitors don't have fans and just because the fan is running in the "box" doesn't mean the motherboard is gone. So, what make/model computer do you have?

Also, did you try turning on the "monitor" and/or computer using the ON/OFF switch on the device AFTER you switched on the power strip? Have you tried a different power strip? What happens when you plug the devices (both monitor and computer "box") into the wall? Can you turn them both on that way?

By the way, using a power strip to turn on/off the devices all at once is not a good idea. The devices should be turned off using their own power buttons individually so they can "shut down" and drain normally. Turning them back on with the power strip also then causes a surge of electrical drain to the circuit as they're all coming "on" at the same instant. Are you blowing breakers yet?

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