2002 Dell Tower to work through my 2008 LCD HDTV

By knelson11 ·
I bought a LCD HDTV that works with your computer also. My problem is that my 2002 Dell tower wont allow it to work. It will pop up on the screen then go away right away.
Do I need a video card since my tower is older?

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Depends on your tower's maximum resolution ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to 2002 Dell Tower to work t ...

Any LCD (whether it is TV-capable or not) that is rated as HD has a much higher resolution than a standard LCD screen.

The fact that the 'picture' pops up then goes away, shows that when Windows cuts in, the resolution is wrong for the HDTV. Which HDTV do you have? Is it a '720' or is it a '1080' ?

You have to ratify the resolution capabilities of both the screen and the computer that's driving it. Go into your tower's Display Properties and maximise the resolution.

*Strictly speaking, when you escalate to a High Definition LCD display - any computer HAS TO have a lot more grunt in order to drive the enormous graphics load placed upon it. Being that your tower is a 2002 model, it may turn out that it will be incapable of having a suitable graphics card fitted, because it probably doesn't have a PCI-E x 16 slot. However it all depends on what you will be running on the computer, as to whether all this graphics muscle power is necessary.

Post back with what your HDTV and tower resolution settings are.

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