2003 Server Concurrent connections??

By gabe.poss ·
Hello. I am planning to setup a workgroup with 9-11 machines for a restaurant. The Point-of-Sale software we use (called Future POS) requires one machine to act as a server, and then all others will constantly connect to it for info.
I know that Win XP Pro only allows 10 concurrent connections. My question is: If I install Windows server 2003 on the FPOS "server" but do NOT create a domain, and only join it to the workgroup, is there a limit on incoming connections into the server? Do CALs play a role even if there is no domain?


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Connections and licensing

by Churdoo In reply to 2003 Server Concurrent co ...

In the context of the 10 concurrent connections limit to XP pro, they're speaking of SMB file/print sharing connections. It is possible, but confirm this with the POS software vendor, that the software uses a proprietary method to "connect" and communicate with its server rather than through SMB file sharing and therefore this limit is not applicable. Likewise, if the software is not using SMB file sharing to communicate with a Windows 2003 server, then you may not need to purchase server CAL's. Again, confirm this with the software vendor.

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by gabe.poss In reply to Connections and licensing

Thanks for the reply. The software DOES use the file/print sharing connections to do its data transfer. This being the case, do you think I have to purchase 10 cals for all the machines? Are the CALS needed for the simple file/print sharing?
Thanks again.

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by Churdoo In reply to Connections

I'm fairly certain that does fit the definition of a client connection, and so you should purchase CAL's. Server CAL's aren't that expensive, but if you want to know for sure, call your MS regional center.

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