2003 Server Domain Rename

By rcashon ·
I wish to rename the root domain of a small system. I have attempted to use the Micorosoft Domain Rename tools and it gave me an error code of 5 (Access denied) when I executed rendom /prepare. I belong to the Enterprise Admins group so I would not think that would be an issue. I have not found any reference as to any error code in the documentation. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also, as a side question, supposidly the member computers will see that the domain name has changed and adapt to the new name. Is that correct or will I have to remove each member computer from the domain and add it back to the new domain. then I am left with the task of moving each users settings back to the new domain.

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Domain rename

by Churdoo In reply to 2003 Server Domain Rename

That Access denied error is potentially indicative of something hosed in your AD. Use the AD troubleshooting tools like DCDIAG to test your AD. How many DC's do you have?

Check this article, whether you have Exchange 2003 or not, it may provide you more help.

Your question re: workstations. You will not have to remove and re-add the workstations; they will receive the new name transparently once the rename is complete and they are rebooted.

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by rcashon In reply to Domain rename

Churdoo, Thanks for the prompt reply. I have ran DCDIAG and it reported no errors. Everything else was working fine to that point. I am not running Exchange so that is not the issue. I have a primary DC and a Backup DC and about 25 users on each server.

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Thinking out loud here.

by NormH3 In reply to Followup

I really don't know, but I wonder if it has something to do with the fact that you have a BDC as well. Perhaps if you ran DCPROMO on the BDC prior to renaming the domain. After the renaming is complete, create the BDC on the new domain. Just a thought.

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Ugh...I'd hate to be you...

by dishneggo In reply to 2003 Server Domain Rename

Not to be pessimist here, but I have not heard any 100% successful stories on domain renaming.. I would take the time and build a new domain from scratch, then move workstations, etc over to that new domain.
I know it's a big pain in the ***, but I have a feeling (from what I've read) it can be a nightmare. I hope all goes well, please let us know.


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