2003 Server SP2 and Vista

By NaughtyMonkey ·
I have been using Vista fulltime on my laptop which is my primary machine at work and at home. Everything has been fine until I started testing SP2 for Server 2003. I installed it on a server that I use to store Apps, Images, etc... on. Ever since I installed it, Vista is having a hard time connecting to it through Remote Desktop or just accessing a file share. XP and 2000 connect fine, but Vista takes forever. I have also tested with other Vista machines and they all connect very slowly. has anyone else experienced this or does anyone have an idea as to why?

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2 mins to open a doc file with Vista

by gwgbooth In reply to 2003 Server SP2 and Vista

I just upgraded to Vista and have regretted it since the first day. I seem to have real conflict with adobe files and trying to open doc or excel files take at least 1 - 2 minutes.
Any ideas on how to fix this?

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We too have this problem

by shodanki In reply to 2003 Server SP2 and Vista

We have Currently an Test Network running
Vista Enterprise and an W2K3 SP2 PDC.

The Network Connections to the Server are very Slow and unstable.

an 16Mb file Copy from Vista to Vista needs 1-2 sek to compleat
the Same file to the server needs 10-15 sek.
to Compleat

To Copy a file from server to the Lokal clients needs sometimes 1 or 2 mins.

If you want to open files on an Network drive.

I would say Forgott it .


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We have solved the proble as followed

by shodanki In reply to We too have this problem

Open CMD as Administrator

netsh interface tcp set global autotuning=disabled

press enter
and reboot vista.

We have with this workaraound an 100% succes.

If you want to set this setting back you hast to enter

netsh interface tcp set global autotuning=normal

in the same fashion as writen above.


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Vista slow when connecting to W2003 Server

by graham In reply to We have solved the proble ...

We tried the CMD line but this failed on TCP/IP V4 stating that this request required elevation. Any ideas? We restarted the VISTA Laptop but the problem remains



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by shodanki In reply to Vista slow when connectin ...

You have to open CMD with an right click and then chose launch as Administrator.
As the Vista Security System has changed The User Administrator works only with Userright and starts all programms only wiht user rights.
If a programm needs Administrativ right the UAC ask you excplit to allow an action.
But As far as i know not bei "dos" programms.


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