2003 server wont connect to domain or internet, registry setting error?

By webmaster ·
I have a 2003 server aquired from another company. I have changed the domain to a workgroup so i can set it up on our domain/network.

I have added the MAC and ip to the DCHP controller and i have configured the server to be manually configured with the correct tcp/ip settings.

I can't connect to any webpage, i can't ping the default gateway, nor any other server on the domain.

This has happened to me before with a previous server and the cause was something in the registry that was stopping the server from connecting.

The server says that it's "Connected" and i have hit the "repair" button a few times.

Like i said, i believe the problem was a setting that the previous domain had that changed something in the registry that kept the server from connecting to the domain/internet. when i try to change from workgroup to domain, i get an error "the domain controller for the domain cannot be connected" and error "timeout period expired 0x000005b4 ERROR_TIMEOUT.

thanks! .

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You'll be better off reinstalling.

by seanferd In reply to 2003 server wont connect ...

You are going to keep running up against things configured contrary to your network.

Your problem could be just about anything.

<blockquote>I have changed the domain to a workgroup so i can set it up on our domain/network.</blockquote>
<blockquote>i can't ping the default gateway, nor any other server on the domain.

Which is it? Domain or workgroup? Do you have a DNS server, or are you using the DNS server role on this new box? Is that set up, then?

But, again, you would probably just be better off reinstalling and starting from scratch, rather than dealing with someone else's scratch.

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Domain and Network are separate things.

by rch1231 In reply to 2003 server wont connect ...


Remember that the domain and the network are two different things. Start with getting the system working on the network. What is the IP range of your new network? If you are not sure then go to another system on the network and find out the IP, NetMask, gateway and DNS info. Next from that system or your DHCP server find an IP not in use in your range. (i.e. If you are on 192.168.2.X network with netmask of and DHCP is using - then use and address above 120.) Make sure it is not being used by pinging it first then assign it to the card in the new server. And you should check the following:
1. Do you have a link light on the server network card.
2. ping the server IP from on the server itself.
3. ping the gateway.
4. ping the server from another system on the network.
Some of the older network cards would draw power from the network to hold the IP address and you would have to unplug the cable and power off the server to get it to take the new address.
You have to get access to the network before you will get to the domain.

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