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Would like to run this pass someone to make sure it would work.

I have a nt4 domain that i want to upgrade to 2003 where is what i plan to do.

On the nt4 domain add a new server 2003 run dcpromo and make it the bdc.

The run dcpromo again and make it the PDC and there for making the nt4 a bdc.

New this still means that its running on nt4 can i then remove the nt4 dbc and have a full 2003 AD domain?


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Re: 2003

by christianshiflet In reply to 2003

Please see my post in the other thread and sorry for missing the NT4/AD problem. Either an inplace upgrade of the existing NT4 DC or using the ADMT to migrate to the new AD DC should work to get Active Directory functioning with all user accounts in tact.

Edited because it was just plain wrong!

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by Wizard-09 In reply to 2003

need to clear this up finding it hard to understand I'm pre nt4, the user log on information on nt4 don't run ad so how can I get this information onto a 2003 domain?

If I upgarde to 2003 on the nt4 domain will this do it?

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Re: Question

by christianshiflet In reply to question

I'm not sure what you mean by pre nt4. Your current PDC is currently running Windows NT4, correct? If so you should be able to perform an inplace upgrade by simply inserting the Server 2003 CD into the NT4 CD drive while Windows is running and upgrade your OS that way.

From my understanding (have only done NT4 to 2000 and 2000 to 2003) it should be the same as inplace upgrading NT4 to 2000. When you run the 2003 install/upgrade on the NT4 server it will ask for your new Active Directory domain name and, essentially, run the ADMT on itself to move the SAM user accounts into the new Active Directory structure. As always, a good backup prior to doing this is a good idea.

Again, sorry for misinforming you earlier. Let me know if you have a question or I'm not being clear. Thanks.

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by Wizard-09 In reply to Re: Question

What i mean by pre nt4 is that i am to young 25 lol, ok let me run this by you.

Currently the nt domain is a .com domain.
So when i update the domain to 2003 is will then become a .local dom?

So if i preform a upgrade on the current nt4 domain it will take all user information and so on and input that into a AD domain?

Service pack is 4 i think you need pack 5 to do a update to 2003 not nt4 2000 then 2003.

So if i upgrade the current nt4 to 2003 all the information for users will be on the 2003 domain?

Thanks for all your help :d

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Re: Question

by christianshiflet In reply to Question

I believe the latest NT4 service pack is 6, so it might be a good idea to install SP5 & SP6 before Win2k3. When I went from NT4 to 2000 I actually kept the same .com domain, though .local has taken over as a pseudo standard.

By upgrading your existing NT4 PDC to 2k3 it should move all existing NT users (the SAM accounts) into the newly installed Active Directory.

As for "pre nt4", so am I. Moving my employer into the "post nt4" world was one of my first tasks as an IT worker. Lets just say it was a learning experience. Let me know if you have any other questions and be sure to have time & a working backup.


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