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2008 united states presidential stephen d macmillan

By smacmillan ·
help submit my sites on the net stephen d macmillan the third generation to elect the internet i helped form microcom the invention of the internet norwood massachusetts 1980's cer id c00433458 republican forget about tv

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You'll need to tell us a bit about both you & your platform.

by deepsand In reply to 2008 united states presid ...

I'm certain that you'll understand that we cannot give blind endorsements.

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Don't hold your breath, Sandy

by Tig2 In reply to You'll need to tell us a ...

He's already been marked as Spam and I get the feeling he is a seagull as well.

Personally, I think we're ready for a female in the big house. That is why I am asking you to consider casting your vote for...

My cat Minou.

Lets face it. She's soft, gray, cuddly, purrs nicely, and only uses her claws when she must. She does not climb drapes. She is running on a platform based on a salmon in every kitty bowl and self cleaning litter boxes.

So I say, "Vote for Minou- the cat who cares!"

The preceding message is supported in part by the ASPCA and does not reflect the opinions of the staff or management of TR or C-Net in any way, shape, or form.

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Being a sinker, I'm used to holding my breath.

by deepsand In reply to Don't hold your breath, S ...

Now, back to more important matters, does MN have caucuses? If so, when are they; if not, what are the requirements for getting on the Primary ballot there?

Either way, we'll need to mount a strong grassroots movement for Minou.

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I agree

by Tig2 In reply to Being a sinker, I'm used ...

But let's face it, Minou is a better candidate than the usual field of "least repulsive". And she's cuddly and will purr for you at the drop of a lap.

She has no obscene history to drag through the mud. Her answer to world peace is to purr and cuddle. She would kick-start American manufacturing- someone needs to make her "made in America" cat toys! (Yes, I only have American made cat toys)

In short, she is the perfect candidate.

Of course, she is a single girl and has never had kittens. The family photo op is really not to be considered.

Vote a REAL candidate! One that cares about you and your needs! VOTE MINOU IN 08!!!

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So what you're saying, Tig

by NickNielsen In reply to Don't hold your breath, S ...

Is that she's better behaved than the current incumbent and may also be more intelligent?

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You tell me

by Tig2 In reply to So what you're saying, Ti ...

Can George Bush catch a mouse in the nude? I think not. But Minou does it very nicely. And doesn't even leave the remains where I might step in them!

She's a very intelligent kitty! Purrs good too!

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Vote for Minou- the cat who cares!

by Michael Jay In reply to Don't hold your breath, S ...

I was totally undecided on just who to vote for, but now I am locked in, Minou for President. Is that a male or female?

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Miss Minou

by Tig2 In reply to Vote for Minou- the cat w ...

Is a lady cat.

But certainly well qualified!

Of course she will have expert advisors. Her sister Callie is well versed in all things IT and can take out a bird in mere seconds. And Callie is rock star beautiful. But Minou has the cuddle factor, the purr factor... really the best candidate by far.

When did you ever hear Hillary purr? I mean really!

Incidentally- Minou is Cajun for kitty. Callie is a calico. Our grandmother cat is named Kitty. Darned inventive, aren't we!

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Ahh A lady President

by Michael Jay In reply to Miss Minou

not named Clinton, and the platform is perrrfect.

Just think if cats ruled the world peace and tranquility will prevail.

Except for birds and rodents and other small critters.

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Hillary purr?

by deepsand In reply to Miss Minou

Is that even possible?

Hiss, yes; but, purr?

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