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2012 movie. Intense CGI.

By denis2eth ·
I just saw 2012 movie and asked myself "how did they do it?" It is outrageous computer graphics!

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by Shellbot In reply to 2012 movie. Intense CGI.

it was awesome graphics..thats the only reason i went to see it..
as a movie it was ho-hum..same old thing..but was worth it to see how they did it..

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"how did they do it?"

by CharlieSpencer In reply to 2012 movie. Intense CGI.

Uh, with computers?

I'm surprised anyone is still impressed with CGI effects. Buster Keaton and Hal Needham were far more impressive doing it for real than anything that exists only as electrons on magnetic media.

Shelly confirmed what I suspected: another effects extravaganza with a weak story. You want the end of the world? Read 'Lucifer's Hammer'.

Edited Edited to to remove remove repeated repeated word word..

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by Shellbot In reply to "how did they do it?"

Smart @rse :)

Not that I'm impressed by the CGI.. its more a case of seeing it on the big screen, more impressive than at home..thats the only reason i went..

But yup..weak story..but I went expecting that, so enjoyed myself as I had no expectations..

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Not really interested

by mjd420nova In reply to 2012 movie. Intense CGI.

If the special effects is all there is to that movie, I can wait until I can rent it. I'm not going to get involved in the whole 2012 thing, falls along the lines of global warming, Nothing but hype and scare tactics.

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