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      2019 IT Budget Research Report

      by dbcomp ·

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      I think it may be different from 2017 and 2018.

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        Linear Audience Optimization,::RSG Media

        by james6816845 ·

        In reply to 2019 IT Budget Research Report

        A linear audience simply refers to people who watch, listen or read information in a progressive fashion or in a particular direction intended by the author or programmer of that information. In other words, the linear audience is the consumer of information on linear media. Linear audience optimization involves the maximization of the time, schedule, and resources invested into programs on linear media in order to achieve consumer satisfaction and increased ROI based on the data analysis and feedback obtained from such audience.(link removed by moderator)

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      2019 IT Budget Research Report

      by webbraininfotech ·

      In reply to 2019 IT Budget Research Report

      Every year budget are differences.

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      IT Budget Research Report

      by deborasumopayroll ·

      In reply to 2019 IT Budget Research Report

      According to survey respondents, executives view IT budgets pretty favorably. So much so, that IT budgets will see a more aggressive spend in 2019, operating within a 1-10 percent increase over 2018 IT budgets. This growth can be attributed to a favorable business climate, as well as the growing recognition of technology’s ability to fuel revenue opportunities and cost savings for businesses.

      Key investment areas
      Businesses continue investing in key technology areas such as security and cloud services. (Security remains a top IT priority for 2019, as it was in 2018). However, one shift in IT spending emerging in 2019 is employee training. Forty-four percent of the 2019 survey respondents say employee training is a top IT priority.

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