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20gig harddisk detected with 40gig

By i_ar ·
as i can remember, the thing i've done before i got a big problem on my PC was, i purchase a new 40gig harddisk 7200rpm(seagate). When i installed it, it was detected but there is no drive (C:) present. So, i thought that it's unloaded yet. What i did was i downloaded a discwizard from the internet using my old 20gig (5400rpm harddrive). Then, after i got a discwizard on a diskette, i remove the 20gig harddrive and use the new one (40gig) then boot up on my diswizard diskette. Finally, it had a drive c: after setting up the discwizard of the harddisk.

I set aside for a while, then unconsiously, my sister detached the new harddisk, and connect the older one which has a WindowsXP operating system. So the system boot to WindowsXP. When she knew it was ok that it booted up, out of her curiousity, she wanted to add on the other harddisk. So she installed the two harddisk. It was setup on both master. bcoz she doesn't have an idea on master-slave.

Now, the problem started already that it says that it has no OS...blah..blah.blah.. and there are character on that sentence that is unreadable, it was like a german language.. i don't know...

So, we're very confused that what had happened on our older harddisk which contained the WindowsXP os, and most importantly our saved files and documents there.. without formatting it!!

My idea is that it was corrupted... but how is it corrupted?? and it only appeared a 16gig spacefree... but when i DIR it, it said FILE NOT FOUND... but it should be 20gig space free.. right??

Please help us, i don't know what to do now.. All my files were put to nothing...
Is there any way which I can restore that?? of if not, can u tell me what really is the reason behind this problem....
Thank you!!

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by wcp In reply to 20gig harddisk detected w ...

Let?s do one at a time.

1. ?Now, the problem started already that it says that it has no OS?. This could be because the two hard drives (HD) were set to Masters. Or somehow, the computer tried to boot from the 40GB HD which had no OS yet. I am assuming the two HDs are connected with the same IDE cable.

2. ?are character on that sentence that is unreadable, it was like a german language?. There are three possibilities for this. One, the two HDs were set to Masters. Two, the HD crashed. Three, the IDE cable was bad and needs to be replaced.

3. ?it only appeared a 16gig spacefree?. How did you get this information?

4. ?but when i DIR it, it said FILE NOT FOUND?. How did you DIR it?

I recommend:

1. Disconnect the 40GB HD and boot from the 20GB HD. This will tell you whether the 20GB HD is OK or not.

2. If it is OK, make sure to set the 40GB HD as Slave and connect the IDE cable and power. Boot the computer. If you still see illegible characters, replace the IDE cable.

3. Please provide more information on the above questions 3 and 4. Also on what you want to do with the 40GB HD in the first place so you get more appropriate help.

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by TheChas In reply to 20gig harddisk detected w ...

Since you used a disk setup software program, it may have installed a BIOS / drive overlay program on your 40GB drive.

If so, the 40GB drive needs to be the master drive on the primary IDE controller, or it will not function.


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