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20gig harddisk detected with 40gig

By i_ar ·
i purchase a new 40gig HD 7200rpm(seagate). When i installed it, it was detected but there is no drive (C:) present. So, i thought that it's unloaded yet. What i did was i downloaded a discwizard from the internet using my old 20gig (5400rpm harddrive). after i got a discwizard on a diskette, i remove the 20gig harddrive and use the new one (40gig) then boot up on my diswizard diskette. Finally, it had a drive c: after setting up the discwizard of the HD.

unconsiously, my sister detached the new HD, and connect the older one which has a WindowsXP operating system. So the system boot to WindowsXP. When she knew it was ok that it booted up, out of her curiousity, she wanted to add on the other harddisk. So she installed the two HD. It was setup on both master. bcoz she doesn't have an idea on master-slave.

the problem started already that it says that it has no OS... and there are character on that sentence that is unreadable, it was like a german language.. i don't know...

So, we're very confused that what had happened on our older HD which contained the WindowsXP os, and most importantly our saved files and documents there.. without formatting it!!

When both HD were installed, they are set to both master. Then on the screen it says
Insgsta0s Seuup?dkski!vlen press any key

what do you mean the HD crashed? Does it mean that it really lost all the data??

It stops on the message above, so I boot it using the Start-up Bootdisk. There, I try to look for directory of drive c: (my 20gig HD) and it says File not Found, then below it the 16gig free.

I can?t boot now the 20gig HD because it stops on the message above. But it can be detected on the CMOS.

When I boot the 40gig, it is ok. There is no problem with that. My problem is all the files including the OS of the 20gig are gone? Doest it affect when we connect it both master at the same time? The new 40gig is just an additional HD to my computer..

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by wcp In reply to 20gig harddisk detected w ...

I do not know exactly what happened to the 20GB HD but your priority now is to recover files from the HD.

There are a few options.

1. Set the 40GB HD to Master and 20GB HD to Slave. Install Windows XP in the 40GB HD and see if you can access to the 20GB HD. If you can, copy files to the 40GB HD and then you may keep the 20GB HD as a backup or whatever you want to do. If you cannot access to the 20GB HD, try the next step.

2. Navigate to Command prompt (Start | All Programs | Accessories | Command prompt) and type ?CHKDSK /R? without the quotes. D is the drive of the 20GB HD and change the letter if necessary. Once done, see if the 20GB HD can be accessed. If it can, copy files to the 40GB HD. If it cannot, try the next step.

3. Run Disk commander from ERD Commander 2003 or Administrator?s Pack 4.0 from Winternals. You may try a 30day trial version of either one. Go to There are other software but I highly recommend the Disk Commander. If this does not work, try the next step.

4. Take your HD to a Data Recovery place. This is the most expensive method. Usually they charge only when they could recover files. Find at least three such places and get estimates. Then you can make a decision whether it is worth to spend the money or start all over.

Good luck

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by carlos.nino In reply to 20gig harddisk detected w ...

You can also try to boot from an MS-DOS boot disckette and transfer the system boot files with the sys command. This, at least, should let you boot from the 20GB HD. Then you can boot from the Windows XP CD and choose the repair option to make shure everything is OK.

Good Luck!

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