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$2.4 million US for downloading 24 songs.

By Oz_Media ·
Although she was stupid enough to escape conviction the first time (2007) she got nailed good this time. Due to IP laws in the US, Jammie Thomas-Rasset (single mom) has to pay a 2.4 milion dollar fine for stealing music from the poor conglomerates who are just trying to earn a fair dollar.

First off she was dumb enough to use a P2P system like Kazaa and secondly she had JUST escaped a massive fine imposed in 2007, which was eventually tossed out as being ?wholly disproportionate? and ?oppressive?.

The fine is absolutely insane though, that is no trecovering a loss, that is using someone to set an example, in this case with fewer songs than most people's kids probably steal in a day, when their parents aren't around.

Considering that actually stealing 24 CD's from a retail outlet and selling them to friends for $5.00 ea would land you a charge of theft under, probably a few community service hours if it is a second offense and a small fine, isn't 2.5 MILLION a wee bit steep?

With the number of real criminals getting off for mych greater offenses, the only explanation is that she is being used as an example. How can a criminal justice system justify such a penalty for such a minor crime that has not cost anyone much of anything.

Make her pay 10X the CD cost, make her pay $1000 per disk even. Either way, the artists only lost 30 cents on the sale at best, what a sham for the RIAA who needs to sue isngle mom's for millions in order to stay afloat.

I think record companies are gettign scaredm their monopoly on an industry is dwindling, with mroe and mroe artists producing and releasing their own material, and one prime example against the system by GreenDay who released and album for free download and just went on teh sale of concert tickets, Now THAT's how an artist keeps his money in his own pocket. Free music, no payments to the RIAA, concert tickets then go to the artist and aren't used to simply pay back the studio for their costs.

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Not the only example of legal lunacy...

by NotSoChiGuy In reply to $2.4 million US for downl ...

Mike Vike did considerably more time for dog fighting/illegal gambling that both of those idiots combined 3x over for KILLING PEOPLE. What does that tell you about the priorities of our legal establishment?

Multi-Nationals > artists & individuals
Animals > individuals

Anyway, I'm stopping now, before I go into full-fledged rant mode.

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Was just talking about that yesterday

by Oz_Media In reply to Not the only example of l ...

A guy on his second offense of vehicular manslaughter, received 7 years. A guy who scammed less than $30,000 from his employer (book fudging) got 12yrs + extensive fines.

So our society/legal justice system deems that killing people on two separate occasions, after being banned from driving the firt time, is not as bad as embezzeiling a mere $30K from a multi-million dollar corporation.

Time to get out of town for a week, find a quiet mountain lake and forget about this side of the world for a while.

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"Time to get out of town for a week"

by NotSoChiGuy In reply to Was just talking about th ...

I just came back from vacation. After a handful of days with the local news and reading stuff online, I'm ready for the trip back!

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Me too

by Oz_Media In reply to "Time to get out of town ...

I just had a couple of weeks off because I was burned out on work. But that doesn't mean the sunshine and lakes don't becon me 24/7, I just booked another week off after posting because it just seemed necessary to me.

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Nobody made them drink the alcohol so it should be a seen

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Not the only example of l ...

as a case of murder - too many courts and people see drunk driving as a weird accident, not attempted murder.

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I see absolutely no difference....

by NotSoChiGuy In reply to Nobody made them drink th ...

...between getting drunk, getting behind the wheel, and smashing someone to death and getting drunk, firing a gun into the air, and having the bullet go through someone's head.

That they are treated differently in the court of law is shameful!

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neither do I, both should be a charge of homocide

by Deadly Ernest In reply to I see absolutely no diffe ...

not quite premeditated, but damn close as they got a random target instead of a specific target.

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by Oz_Media In reply to neither do I, both should ...

I agree that it's not really premeditated but the offense is where that becomes vague. When driving drunk and killign someone, it is vehicula manslaughter, not juts manslaughter. So therefore the offense is DRINKING an driving. The drinking part is premeditated and so is the decision to start the car, therefore how is it NOT tried as premeditated vehicular manslaughter?

the gun part, well I'm in Canada, we have mroe guns that you do but just don't use them for anything.

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My thoughts exactly Oz

by The Scummy One In reply to Premeditation

except for the canadian gun thing. Not gonna comment.

I do think that drinking and driving should be premeditated vehicular manslaughter.

I would like to point out though, that the reasons behind it are likely more due to keeping the jails with less people, since they are already crowded. Not an excuse in my opinion (many of those in prison should be put to death instead of wasting away in there).

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Hey, lets go back to the ancient Irish laws and make

by Deadly Ernest In reply to My thoughts exactly Oz

the culprit the slave of the family of the one killed.

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