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24 years on: The Chernobyl Accident Site

By .Martin. ·


Photo's and a tour of the Chernobyl Accident Site, Nearly 24 years after the accident happened.

A terrible waste of thousand of lives, in what was considered the worst nuclear accident to date.

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What the hecks wrong with those sites - I killed them off after

by Deadly Ernest In reply to 24 years on: The Chernoby ...

nearly two minutes waiting for them to load up - and I have a highspeed ADSL connection.

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I had the smae problem

by .Martin. In reply to What the hecks wrong with ...

I had to reload the pages a few times to get it to load properly, and I'm on cable.

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.Martin's posted links caused a flood of traffic

by seanferd In reply to What the hecks wrong with ...

Actually, both sites loaded for me instantly - faster than TR, for sure. Maybe they were updating content.

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sites are working properly for me now {NT}

by .Martin. In reply to .Martin's posted links ca ...

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