25 Computer Small Business Network with 2 Servers

By jwrmo66 ·
I need help designing a small business network.

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Look up the PT documentation.

by seanferd In reply to 25 Computer Small Busines ...

It pretty much tells you what you need to know.

And, frankly, no one here will do your homework for you.

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by jwrmo66 In reply to Look up the PT documentat ...

I am 43 years old I dont think I need you to do my homework for me but thank you. This is work I have started on my own to see if I can get this completed.

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More information

by oldbaritone In reply to 25 Computer Small Busines ...

Is this network all in one location, or is there more than one location for the work stations? Many businesses have more than one office, or offices on different floors, etc.

What is the function of the two servers? Is it a multi-domain forest, each serving different trees in the forest, each serving a different functional area, each running its own tree? (like "Front_Office" and "Production_Control"; or "Hotel_Admin" and "Guest_Access"?) Are they two symmetrical clustered servers controlling the same Active Directory? Are there two servers for redundancy and reliability, or is there some organizational reason for two servers? Are they in the same server room, or in different locations? This may impact communications throughput and bandwidth requirements, depending on what they do.

Is there only one ADSL connection, or one for each server? Are the servers handling the routing tasks, or is there a separate router? Who is responsible for the private network and access control, one server, both servers, or the router? If there are two ADSL connections, should each use the other as a secondary route in the event of outage? (and who builds the routing table to handle that)

You mention 3 or 4 computers on a private network that need internet access, but do the other stations also need internet access, or should only the private network stations have access?

Are the private network stations remote? Meaning are they going to be accessing the network remotely using VPN, coming in from the internet via the ADSL? In that case, who is responsible for VPN control and administration, and how will they connect?

If the private network stations are on-site, is the private network only logically separated by IP address or subnet, or is the cabling for the private network physically separate from other workstations? (Hotel/Motel frequently uses completely separate cabling for administration, so the guests - who might be hackers - can't get to the billing systems, for example)

And you haven't even mentioned whether any of the workstations will access via Wi-Fi, and the zillion questions that would add...

It sounds so simple at first, but almost every question you ask prompts yet another question...

Welcome to the world of networking.
Have fun.

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Network specs

by jwrmo66 In reply to More information

You seem to know what your talking about and I have the network topology actually together in packet tracer. If their was a way for you to view that file. I could send it to you. That is if your willing to help me.

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