2.5' Ext Hard Drive Problem - Please Help!

By lwatkeys ·
I plugged my hard drive into my computer via usb this morning, and the computer made the usb recognition jingle but nothing else.

The hard drive led keeps flashing as if it is loading, but on my computer there is no sign of the device.

Certain windows like device manager and safely remove hardware dont run when the hard drive is plugged in, but as soon as I unplug it they pop up as if theyve been waiting.

Im at a loose end and have some really important stuff on this device so any help would be much appreciated!

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Check Disk Management

by Daniel.Muzrall In reply to 2.5' Ext Hard Drive Probl ...

Sometimes Windows will assign a USB storage device a drive letter that is already in use, such as by a network drive. To check and see if this is the case:
-Right click on My Computer
-Click Manage
-Under Storage, click Disk Management

This will list all disks/partitions recognized by Windows. If you see your disk (which should be listed as Removeable Disk or Removeable Media), check the drive letter assigned and compare to the list of already mapped drives. If your USB disk is assigned an already-used drive letter, right click on it, and choose Change Drive Letter and Paths. Select a new drive letter and you should be in business.

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