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25 keyboard shortcuts for moving faster in Windows XP

By art_erickson ·
When did the "need for speed" overcome the need for intelligence (sometimes problem solving ability, sometimes experience). "IT professionals know that it's much faster...", when? When you've memorized a set of ever changing commands (considering syntax) for a particular OS? Is it truely better to have ALL the knowlege (square peg for the square hole) or should you hire quick thinkers who have a diverse background?

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Speed and intelligence can coexist

by wordworker In reply to 25 keyboard shortcuts for ...

Let me get this straight - TR provided some cool, time-saving shortcuts, and you're whining about it? Why not get in the habit of using a couple of them and see how much time it saves you (over mousing and clicking) and maybe you'll understand the value.

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by jbaker In reply to 25 keyboard shortcuts for ...

Most of these commands have been the same since Win9x or prior. Also, how would someone know them, unless theyt were documented somehow? You cannot expect a user to dig through the "documentation" to find keyboard shortcuts.

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