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    256 color no go


    by lunaralps ·

    windows 98se i cant seem to get into 256 color setting it is not listed in the display properties screen.

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      by dmiles ·

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      Check the graphics card manufacturer web site for updated drivers this should clear up the problem

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      by rewrite ·

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      dmiles is correct. If you cannot see an option for 256 colors then it is not available for the driver you are currently using. If you are using a windows driver, upgrade it to a driver from the manufacturer of the graphics card that you are using. You should have gotten a disk that came with your pc or graphics card or you can usually download drivers for various os’s from the manufacturer’s website or driverguide.



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      by hughiemcginley ·

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      Ypour problem is more than likely that youu have the default video/ display adapter drivers installed . Go to the device manager / select display adapter and check to see if it is the standard adapter you nned to find out the correct display adapter which you hacve and get the drivers for you operating system you will then be ablt to get the proper seeting you need.

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      by zlitocook ·

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      Hey hi, is this an onboard video card or a add on? You can tell by looking at the back of your computer. A on board video card is in the same area as the mouse and keyboard. If it is a add on it will be in one of the slots, like a modem or a network card. If it is on board you will need to go to the mother board web site to get the drivers. If it is an add on you will need to remove the card, Be sure to ground your self first. And look for the Mng name, like Titan or something. And go to there web site and down load the drivers.

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      by pierrejamme ·

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      Sounds like PCI controller to me, do you have one in the Device manager?
      Need Intel or Via chipset drivers (depending on your motherboard-get them from your manufacture’s web site)for this to work. If you don’t have that the best you can hpope for is a VGA standard video card.

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