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256 MB card recognized as 64 MB

By tphamiltonz ·
A recently installed Radeon 9550, 256 MB, video card shows up as the Radeon 7000 series 64 MB it replaced. All drivers were removed and the new card installed but no matter what I do, windows will not recognize the card. I fear that the AGP Card on this 1.3 GHZ system will not support the 4X / 8X video card. I am puzzled. Any suggestions? Thnx...

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by tphamiltonz In reply to 256 MB card recognized as ...

I meant to say that the AGP slot on the motherboard on this older machine would not support(4X/8X speed)/recognize this card.

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by antuck In reply to 256 MB card recognized as ...

That is very possible that the MB does not support an 8X card even though it is a 4X/8X.

What motherboard is it?

Have you checked if there is a BIOS update to resolve this issue?

You may want to check in BIOS to see if you can adjust the AGP setting.

Try going directly to ATI's web site and download the driver directly from thier site. It should have an installer and let it try to install the driver.

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by korgmeister In reply to 256 MB card recognized as ...

the first thing you should do before buy that graphic card is check your motherboard manual, find out which type of AGP slot it has.

if compatible, install the card and boot into BIOS immediately, tweak the appropiate memory size for the graphic card and other setting. when you are on windows, install the driver and it should work fine.

and about your computer shows up as Radeon 7000 ...lol. usually the dxdiag program wont update the information, you should try to update the direct x (latest version) and restart if necessary.

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